Sunday, April 5, 2009

Let the birthday season begin ...

We stopped to smell the flowers on our way into Nana's party today.

Around here, April is the beginning of quite a birthday season ...

Our best friends here get it started on April 8, when Norah turns 1. Luke turns 3 just four days later. Then their dad, Bryan, turns 29 on April 16. Six days later it's our family's turn, with Greg's 31st birthday on April 22. I turn 30 on May 3 and Cate will be 2 on May 6. (Jaclyn is the only one in the two families without a birthday in this month, but she celebrated March 14, so she's not too far removed from our little club.)

So, Luke and Norah had a double birthday party on Saturday ...

As you can see, Luke was eager to taste his Thomas cake. And, no, he didn't dive in, although it looks like he did. I believe the blue tongue is from him licking the bottoms of three candles.

Norah enjoyed her cupcake. And I must admit, the cupcakes were especially tasty!

Then we celebrate Nana's (Greg's grandma's) 80th birthday on Sunday.

This is Nana and Papaw. You may remember them from their 60th wedding anniversary last year.

This is Cate with one of her namesakes. Her middle name (Anna) is Nana's first name.

There are many more pictures in my Facebook album.


  1. Edward turns 5 on April 27th! Sorry - I wanted to join the club :) lol

  2. tell jaclyn i'm quite impressed with her tomas cake!