Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday's Thought

It's been an interesting week around here. Greg turned 31 yesterday, but on Sunday he did this to his ankle. Pretty swollen, huh? And these pictures are from last night -- three days after he hurt himself playing basketball.

So I've learned some things about service this week. And I've realized how much Greg does do around here. He helps clean up dishes after dinner, takes out the garbage, walks upstairs to get his shirt, drives himself to work, drives us around when we all go somewhere and picks up after himself -- all things that he hasn't been able to do this week.

He's hobbled around, usually with crutches, and I honestly don't think I've heard him complain once. If the roles were reversed, I'm certain I would have mentioned the pain more than once. I know he's disappointed he won't be playing basketball for awhile, but I'm glad I've had this chance to appreciate and respect my husband even more.

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