Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things I Learned in the Storm

Well, OK, maybe they were more like reminders. Still, The Ice Storm brought some things to mind ...

(A view Thursday morning from my in-laws' back porch in Henry County, Tennessee.)

Females care much more than males about being connected to their friends + family.

Kids go with the flow easier than their parents.

Community -- whether it's family or friends -- really is important. We can help each other.

When people pool their resources, we can feast.

Ice-covered branches falling in the middle of the night create startling sounds + prompt vivid dreams.

The sun shining for the first time in a couple of days is especially beautiful, even if it causes chunks of ice to fall abruptly, shattering on the ground.

Inconveniences don't distort blessings; they actually help us remember that everything really will be OK.

Putting TV shows online was someone's good idea.

I really would take a camera, pen + notebook with me as my luxuries on that desert island people sometimes use as a writing prompt.

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