Saturday, January 31, 2009

December pages

Earlier in the week, before there was ice, I scrapped some. I've been working on December pages, and this one is my favorite. I just started playing with the page + realized I could make it look like a present because the page is about gifts Cate received in the mail from a couple of friends + my aunt.


  1. After everything you've been through this week, the first thing you blog about when you have internet and electricity again is scrapbooking. It's all about timeliness!!! I want to know about the ICE STORM!

  2. Scroll down ... There are three ice storm posts BEFORE this! :)

  3. Hey...I am so glad we weren't there for that!! I missed your pposts during the time though! I love reading peoples blogs. That's how I keep up with you guys and Jaclyn. :) Maybe I'll start one myself soon.-- Mindy E