Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Cate's favorite movie right now is "Finding Nemo." Really, besides Curious George, Nemo and his friend Dory are the only characters she knows. But instead of calling him "Nemo," she says "Mo-ne." It's really funny to me that she says the two syllables in reverse order!

I couldn't decide which of two videos I liked best, so I'll post both of them ...

In that one you heard "Dory" and "Mo-Ne." And other gibberish. At the end she's pointing to the TV, ready for her show to begin. And in the second one (below), she leading me with the "mote" to the TV, where she wants to watch "Mo-ne."


  1. I loved the videos...It is also nice to know that I am not the onlyone with toys all over the living room!! :) Mindy E

  2. Haha! She knows what she wants!

  3. I saw several of the toys that Madison also has... the pink horse with wheels, the shopping cart...

  4. So, I'm at home "studying" & finally got to watch some of these clips of Cate (I normally blog-watch in class, where I don't have sound). I love technology! It is so great to hear her little voice (and yours!) :)