Saturday, February 10, 2007

saturday's combinations

My blue car no longer looks gray. I'm sure it will snow again soon.

Anna Nicole Smith is crazy. I'm not speaking ill of the dead, I'm just commenting on the documentary I've been watching. Really, her life is a like a bad car wreck: You can't help to look. At least I can't. Even in her death she has all this attention that apparently was never enough.

Today has been a pleasant combination of productivity and relaxation. Post Office. Wal-Mart. Car wash. A clean house. Diabetes and scrapbooking magazines. A book I ordered in the mail. Some time in my empire.

Tonight's agenda includes a combinatin of work and play: the local Republican dinner, supposedly with all three GOP governor candidates, and MSU's game against Morehead. (I didn't say I was playing.)

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