Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Peace is inside you. Wherever you go, peace goes with you. When you climb on a bus, peace goes with you. When you are fighting, peace goes with you. When you are asleep, peace is within you. When you are frustrated beyond imagination, peace is in you. No matter what you do, there is no place you can go where peace will not come with you. Because it's within you.
--Indian-born spiritual teacher Prem Rawat

(Disclaimer: I don't claim to know anything about what he teaches or believes. I just like the quote and the idea that despite circumstances we truly can have peace.)

So, on to my life ...

Today is Valentine's Day, in case you missed the memo from Hallmark. But around our house it's First-Date Day. I'm sure I've blogged about this before, so I won't burden you with the details. Just know that my husband wanted to surprise me, so he planned a dinner date last night. (See, the surprise was really in the fact it was the day before First-Date Day. That worked not only for catching me off guard but also with our plans to go to the MSU basketball game tonight.) We also went ahead and exchanged our presents, which were bought around the same theme. Our cards also had similar notes along the lines of I'm so glad we went on a date nine years ago and now we're starting a family together ... So I gave him a gift to ensure him that despite our daughter's Bloomington, Ind., birth, she'll be raised a UK and MSU fan. (So she and daddy now both have new Wildcat shirts and she also has a Racer shirt.) And I have a great baby book to journal and scrap all these moments in the process and a great frame. The flowers on the table also are lovely.

We had another visit with the birth mother on Monday. We went to a doctor's appointment with her and then had lunch at a quaint place in downtown Bloomington. Anyway, back to the adoption process: She's met with the attorney and everything seems to be good to go. We've also mailed our paper work to the social worker for the Kentucky part of the proces and have our home visit schedued for later this month.

Peace is inside you.


  1. I hope you don't mind my comment here and you may delete it if you wish. I made it as the only practical way of inviting you to my blog for some videos relating to the quote above. Other than that, I wish you well, health and happiness.

  2. Kristin

    Wow, the picture of Catherine Anna (Cate) is really amazing. Really good luck with May 10th arrival. I'm sure you will have many happy years together with Cate and she will help bring peace to you and your family.

    I read your disclaimer concerning Prem Rawat, in addition to the Wikipedia article you mentioned you may also wish to read the following site which aims to give a more balanced view on who Prem Rawat is and his history.

    You may be interested to know that he Prem Rawat Wikipedia article has largely been written by followers of Prem Rawat. Prem Rawat is a highly controversial figure, who seeks to silence his critics and his former followers.


  3. Awesome. I'm so happy for you. What an amazing blessing!