Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Peace

It's funny to me that a short post about peace prompted a couple comments from strangers. Like I said, I just liked the quote. And it fit my mood and approach to life these days.

Some other peace-filled constants in my life are the following two girls.

Milla is growing up ... but she's as cute as ever! She turned 3 in January.

And then Katie. She's the most constant friendship I've ever had. She's always been there. Sometimes we exchange more words than others. But she's been there regardless. (I have two favorite things about this picture. One, it's completely naturally. That's just us hugging on each other. Then during this visit earlier this month I gave her the picture you see hanging in the background. It's a scrapped frame with a picture of us from a year or so ago. So my other favorite thing is the fact we're posed very much the same in both pictures!)

Peace to you.


  1. although I look like Rocky Balboa in this picture, fruitcake, I love what you wrote :)

  2. I never once thought you resembled Rocky Balboa, but if you say so ... :)

  3. what a great shot! I love it!