Thursday, March 17, 2016

On organizing the dreams God gives

I’m a Type A person who finds great pleasure in getting things done. I like a clean house. I like to start and finish projects. I like to mark items off a to-do list and make plans because, really, if it’s on my calendar it’s going to get accomplished.

I used to think I wasn’t a dreamer, considering myself too practical for that. Then God used Holley Gerth and many of the ladies who write for this website to show me He’s the Dream Giver. He’s given me gifts and personality traits to use for his glory – and when all that merges it truly is a dream come true.

God-sized dreaming is about far more than the end result, though. {Tweet that.} It’s really about the process of making choices about how we will spend our time, surrendering the details and timeline to God, and connecting with people. Too often I’ve tried to do it my way, but God is working on me.

My dreams are about mothering and writing. I share our family’s adoption story because it’s my faith journey. I share about our everyday life so other moms know they aren’t alone. I believe stories have power – so I tell them and write them.

But real life doesn’t always allow me to write whenever I’m inspired. Sometimes I have to email myself an idea so I don’t forget it while I’m feeding the baby or doing laundry or grocery shopping. Other days the baby takes a longer-than-expected nap so I get extra time to work on whatever project is in front of me. God surprised me with a lake house management job a few years ago that I love because it combines my love for details, planning and hospitality.

Regardless of what the day looks like, I’m thankful for my iPhone that allows me to carry much information and many ideas while connecting to people anywhere.

{Read more at God-sized Dreams, where I’m sharing specific ways I organize information and connect with people.}

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