Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mom Confessions from The Week of RSV

The week my baby girl has had RSV and the big kids are getting over colds, so it seems like a good time for some mom confessions. I mean nothing like some sickness to bring real life to the forefront.

“Letting another mom peek in your imperfect life can be some of the best encouragement you can offer.” {Jill Savage in "Better Together"}

So with that in mind, I've gotcha covered ...

1. I bought snacks for a Trades of Hope fundraising party I hosted at our church an hour before it started. It's no secret I don't really bake, but I usually am a little more prepared. (I mean, I had a plan that involved me going to the grocery that morning, several hours before said event, but hello, RSV and two sick girls!)

(And, hey, if you're interested in purchasing some lovely fair-trade accessories and decor and having each purchase benefit our church's adoption fund that provides grants to area families, then you're more than welcome to do so! The party link will be open through tonight.)

2. I made a new-to-us fried rice recipe that was a success and then waited until the next morning to clean up the stove, kitchen floor, and table because day-old rice hardens and is easier to clean up.

Of course, while making the rice, I realized I didn’t have an onion. I called my husband, texted my best friend, and my mother-in-law. My mother-in-law saved the day and brought me an onion. I may have been teary – and not because I was cutting an onion.

3. After picking up the kids from the bus stop Tuesday, I took them to get ice cream. After picking up the kids from the bus stop Wednesday, I took them to get drinks at Sonic. Momma needed a milkshake and Diet Dr Pepper after all this time in the house with sick ones. But, hey, I got cool mom points too.

4. My family rejoices when I make spaghetti. And when I say make, I mean I boil noodles I bought at the store, brown some beef, and heat some sauce from a jar. The husband walked in last night and said, "It smells good in here!" And the kids cleared their plates without a complaint.

And somehow all of those confessions had to do with food and drink. I didn’t even plan that. But I do think I’ll go eat a Reese’s Egg the aforementioned best friend brought me the other night when everything in life seemed overwhelming.

Your turn. Confess away, friends.

Speaking of "Better Together," I wanted to let you know if you pre-order Jill Savage's new book before it releases on March 1, you can get a bundle of fabulous, free resources, including seven audio workshops from authors & speakers, a bonus video teaching from Jill, a few backgrounds for your phone or computer, and a printable. Learn more at the book's website and pre-order it wherever books are sold, including Amazon

“Better Together: Because You Aren’t Meant to Mom Alone” by Jill Savage with her daughter Anne McClane offers practical, encouraging insights to why having a tribe of moms to share life with is healthy and helpful. It officially releases March 1, and it’s the kind of book every new mom should have and one that helps those of us who have been here awhile too. There are ideas for co-ops, encouragement if you’re facing hard times in friendship, an informative Mothering Personality Inventory that may explain some of why you mother the way you do, and Biblical truths of what friendship matters in our everyday life and our faith journeys.

Also, these confessions are inspired by my blogging friend Anna Rendell, who embraces the real-life of motherhood. She posts about this on Facebook and blogs about it too. 

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