Friday, February 26, 2016

Why my kids aren't going to watch Fuller House

My kids and their friends have been counting down the days until “Fuller House” premiered on Netflix. In preparation, we have been watching the first two seasons of the original “Full House.”

Well, today’s the day.

While feeding Rachel this morning, I decided to watch the first episode. Okay, yeah, so maybe I was pretty much as excited about the kids. My Instagram post of the show pulled up on Netflix even said: This is happening. Just one episode, maybe. The kids don’t have to know.

Within the first few minutes, I knew my kids – who are 8 and 6 years old – were going to know because I was going to have to tell them the show wasn’t appropriate for them. I didn't expect to have to decide that this morning.

Stephanie needed to put on a shirt that actually covered herself better than the slutty dress she was wearing. She later made a boob joke that referenced Dairy Queen – something my kids would totally have noticed. Jesse said “Damn, we’re still looking good!” and then later made a semen joke. That’s just not a conversation I’m ready to have. Kimmy walked in all Gibbler-like and made a prolonged joke about an acid trip. There were also references to unfaithfulness in marriage and divorce like it was a relief.

Growing up watching “Full House,” I appreciated the banter and situations that were reminiscent of the show set 29 years ago in the same house. I laughed throughout and enjoyed the current episode mirroring the original with the crew huddled around the baby singing “Meet the Flintstones.” I’ll probably watch more episodes – when the kids are at school.

But I didn’t appreciate the content that is inappropriate for kids and didn’t even add anything to the show. Obviously, this show is aimed at my generation and not our kids. Telling my kids that isn’t exactly the kind of after-school conversation I’m looking forward to having – but it’s better than explaining to them what an acid trip is and having to worry if they’ll make boob jokes next time we’re at Dairy Queen.

Like I said, we've been watching the original show. So if you're looking to introduce your kids to the Tanners, maybe start there. You can get all the seasons in one set on Amazon or buy the individual seasons, although I can only vouch for the first few at this point in my viewing as a parent.

(Season One // Season Two // Season Three // Season Four // Season Five // Season Six // Season Seven // Season Eight)

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