Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When Life Changes {In the Middle}

Last week Rachel was sitting in the bouncy seat I bought right after she was born recently. But instead of just sitting kind of slumped over like she did in the beginning, she was swatting at the hanging animals and adjusting her posture. I used to put her down in it and not worry about her scooting out. Now she has to be buckled in – otherwise she may slip right onto the floor.

As soon as she swatted at those animals, I remembered a picture from when she was tiny – not that people are huge at 5 months old. But she seemed huge in that moment compared to a few months ago. So I compared the pictures – the one I remembered and the one I had just snapped to compare. I texted them to my husband and a couple friends with “How did this happen?”

Well, of course, I know how it happened. She eats and sleeps and grows. That’s a baby’s job. But, geez, the time has flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday we met Rachel’s birth mom and started sharing the news that we were going to be a family of five.

At the same time, we waited so long for her. Years, really. In 2012, we started the process to try to adopt a third time. We met Rachel’s birth mom in May 2015. That’s after updating our home study a few times, meeting with two agencies that weren’t the right fit, having situations that seemed hopeful never pan out, and letting go of the pursuit altogether because God told us to.

We weren’t sure we’d ever have a third child, but now we can’t imagine our lives with her.

In the middle, sometimes the waiting grows weary. We get restless and try too hard to make something that’s not supposed to be come true. We doubt God’s promises and wonder if we’re hearing him. (That’s where I was in 2013, especially.)

But sometimes in the middle, time flies. We are delighted in what God has done and want to hold on to every moment. We want to tell everyone of God’s faithfulness that managed to show itself at exactly the right time. (That’s where I am presently.)

What’s your middle look like right now? Regardless of what kind of middle you’re living, snap a photo – even a mental one – so you can look back and see what God has done. {Tweet that.}

I’m excited to join Britta Lafont for her Meet Me in the Middle Project during Lent, when I’m going to slow down and notice the pieces of life I bypass in a rush. Find all the details about the Meet Me in the Middle Project here or reference Britta's guest post from earlier this month.

#ThreeWordWednesday friends, I'd love for you join in Meet Me in the Middle by linking up there and here, but the weekly #ThreeWordWednesday link up is open as usual even if you're not participating in this Lenten project. I'm always so glad y'all are here.

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