Thursday, December 31, 2015

7 Things I Learned in December

I know December is really about all things Christmas, but I'm sharing some things {seven things, to be exact ...} I learned this month THAT ARE NOT CHRISTMAS RELATED. Of course, if you want to read about our Christmas, I wrote about that.

Here. {A Jesus Birthday Party Tradition}

And here. {Christmas Around Here}

And here. {Merry & Bright}

So, closing out 2015, here are seven things I learned in December ...

1. Rachel loves this Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat.

I don’t feel compelled to buy contraptions for my babies with the exception of the papasan swing all three have loved. But when I saw a picture of a friend’s baby in it, I knew she’s love it.

Of course, now with Christmas, she has some new contraptions I’m sure she’ll soon also love because already loves standing in our laps, trying to be bigger than she seems.

2. Goodbyes are hard regardless of your age.

One of my best friends and her family recently moved from Murray. They’re still in Kentucky – but they’re about four hours away and settling into a new normal that’s far away. This has been sad for Ben too because Sarah’s oldest child, Davey, is his age and they haven’t known their first six years without each other.

For years, we’ve lunched together nearly every Sunday after church. Sarah and I would get together during the week and text an ever-continuing conversation throughout the days. Thankfully, the texting remains!

And then THE SAME WEEKEND this month, our college friend who has been one of the few people outside our immediate circle to babysit our kids moved. I mean, congratulations, Amber, you graduated. But, um, we miss you already.

3. Cate and I have revived our back-and-forth journal writing and it’s good for my soul – both as a writer and a momma.

4. Tornado watches and thunderstorms are possible on Christmas Eve Eve. 

And then it kept raining FOR DAYS, literally. Now nearby Kentucky Lake is rising above normal summer pool IN THE WINTER. (There’s a whole long explanation about the dam and the river that I barely understand.)

5. Cate now wears adult women’s shoes. 

She's 8 1/2 years old. Geez. How did THAT happen?! The day after purchasing some size 6 purple Nikes, she borrowed my socks.

6. "The West Wing" is good. 

I know, I’m a whole decade behind. But it’s our latest TV binge.

7. Speaking of television shows, Cate’s into “Full House,” which makes me happy and nostalgic.

Tell me about your December. How was your Christmas? Did you learn anything worth remembering?

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