Friday, May 8, 2015

Mission to Guatemala

Sometimes I get too caught up in my own life. My own frustrations, shortcomings, dreams, friendships, and daily routine consume my thinking. Even the good things in my life sometimes blind to me to the bigger picture.

God’s giving me a chance to really step out of my life and serve others. Of course, I can and do serve here in my ordinary life.

But sometimes going elsewhere gives perspective. {Tweet that.}

(I say that, but I’ve never done anything like this. But I do know God calls us beyond ourselves.)

Greg, Cate and I are going to Guatemala for a week in July with a local mission team organized by some neighbors who are becoming friends. They’ve been going to work with Bethel Ministries for seven years, distributing wheelchairs; donating food, school supplies, and clothes to families; and building houses.

Honestly, I hesitated to commit to go this year because in my mind I saw my family of four going together – like missions are supposed to be put in a tidy box with a pretty bow on top. But I realized the three of us are supposed to do this now, regardless of how hard it is for me to leave Ben. That decision has been affirmed more than once since our January commitment.

(And let’s be honest, he’s going to have a grand time splitting the week between two grandmas.)

My girl has been asking questions and collecting school supplies. We’ve had bins for people to donate pencils and crayons – things many of us don’t count our pennies to buy – so some Guatemala families don’t have to choose between putting food on the table or sending their kids to school.

I realize we can’t solve poverty with one week of service, but we can give a few families a few less hard decisions to make in the short term and hopefully love like Jesus to make a lasting impact.

We’ve been fundraising this spring to pay for the projects we’ll complete while we’re there. Our travel costs are taken care of individually and are not part of these fundraisers. We’ve sold coffee, incredibly comfortable sheets, ribs and BBQ sandwiches, and all kinds of randomness at a two-day yard sale.

Now we are having a Trades of Hopes fundraiser, thanks to our local friend Becky Lile. And you don’t have to be local to participate in this latest fundraiser, although, local friends are welcome to join us for a fundraising party on May 17. (Let me know if you want details on that!)

Trades of Hope helps empower women out of the sex trade, sweat shops and poverty around the world by working with artisan groups in various countries. In addition to selling their lovely products, Trades of Hope teaches them entrepreneur skills to help change their futures. I have bracelets, a bag, a picture frame, and a journal that I love. I’ve gifted ornaments and scarves.

If you want to order, you have until May 17 to do so through this link. Becky’s generously donating her commissions from these sales to our team.

We’re grateful for the support we’ve received so far and looking forward to see what else God is going to do – both here and in Guatemala.

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  1. Wow Kristin, I admire your heart. I know your kids will find the project fruitful and your family will be a blessing.
    God Bless Kristin

  2. KristinHillTaylor5/11/2015 8:21 AM

    Thank you!