Thursday, October 16, 2014

Peace like a river

I wrote a whole ebook about what God taught me about his peace as I yearned to become a mom. I wrote 24,049 words and used “peace” in the title.

And then I learned more about peace.

I’ve been working through “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore with 13 other women. While doing Week 2 Day 4 last month, I kept underlining and drawing asterisks. Here I was the author of a book with peace as its central theme, and God had {and still has, I’m sure ...} so much more to teach me. I often think about how Paul described to the Philippians a peace that passes our understanding, yet the truth about God’s peace being a benefit to being his child fell fresh on me.

“This is what the Lord says — your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is good for you and leads you along the paths you should follow. Oh, that you had listened to my commands! Then you would have had peace flowing like a gentle river and righteousness rolling over you like waves in the sea.”

Rivers don’t stand still. They move and flow, sometimes over rocks and debris. Rivers begin and end with other bodies of water, always dependent and connected. Funny thing is after I read those verses from Isaiah, I started jotting down notes in the margin about rivers and then as I read on Beth Moore elaborated on the same analogy:

“When God used the analogy of a river, he described a peace that can be retained while life twists, turns, and rolls over boulders. … To have peace like a river is to have security and tranquility of heart and mind while meeting many bumps and unexpected turns on life’s journey through change. Peace is submission to a trustworthy Authority, not resignation from all activity.

After all, Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6).

Jesus filled my life with peace when I wandered out of the wilderness of infertility and into an adoption process that made me a momma. The same Jesus is still teaching me about peace because our life is about learning and growing and moving with the only authority that matters.

Obviously, I believe words matter and, more importantly, the Word matters. I’m loving DaySpring’s new Letterpress Blocks. Now we can have fun building words that matter to us to give as gifts or display in beautiful ways. We can see them and remember what God has done and what he promises to do.

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  1. Jennifer Hand10/16/2014 7:28 AM

    I so so loved the theme of peace and the things I learned about peace as I read your book! you are an example friend

  2. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I would choose the word "home" because as Christians, every day we are one step closer to our eternal home. Blessings to you!

  3. KristinHillTaylor10/16/2014 9:49 AM

    I love the word "home." I was just reading posts on your blog and see who that word fits you. I'm glad you came by again, Kate!

  4. KristinHillTaylor10/16/2014 9:50 AM

    You're sweet. Thanks for encouraging me.

  5. I think my word would be something like "Hope." Right now, I am daring to hope even through disappointment after disappointment.

    And since I am here... Girlfriend! I am so sorry I missed your book launch! I think I have been hiding under a rock for the last few months. I might not be a big blogger (or even a very good one) but I am grabbing my poms poms and showing up to your big game late and cheering anyways! I just bought your book. Can't wait to read it and share it!! I just treasure you, your words, and your heart and the little space in this big blogging world where we get to connect.

  6. KristinHillTaylor10/16/2014 3:03 PM

    Hi, Amanda! I'm so glad to see your pretty face here. Thanks for cheering me on - it's never too late and I'm grateful our paths get to connect. I hope you enjoy the book. :)