Friday, March 28, 2014

Ten Things I Learned in March

1. Being sick as a mom may mean enduring more than laying on the couch.

I woke up with a stomach bug when we were in Nashville, Tenn., the second weekend of the month. Puking in hotel and mall bathrooms is no fun. I know, the mall. I was only at the mall because that's where Rainforest Cafe is and my son had been talking about going there for AN ENTIRE YEAR. Seriously, since last time we went. So I couldn't back out on him ... or our table of 18. Really. One table of seven kids 10 to 2 years old and another table of 10 adults and a baby.

No worries, the tables were right next to each other and other adults paid attention to my two kids while I laid my head on the table between gulps of Sprite Zero and water. My brother-in-law told me wanting to drink anything was progress. Maybe he was right because I didn't throw up any more that day, of course, I didn't eat anything either.

We then avoided the Lego, Disney, Build-a-Bear and Bass Pro Shop stores so I could return home to my couch, where a sick momma truly belongs. Thank God for my husband and my friend Holly who was visiting from Texas who picked up my parenting slack.

2. An entire week of snow days is welcomed, but then that next Monday morning that comes right after the time change is hard. 

On March 10, I had to wake my 4-year-old Ben up for preschool for the first time ever, I think. Of course, that was also the first day in March school had been in session, thanks to two weekends and a snow week.

Oh, and, hey, did I mention that Monday reached 65 degrees and the kids got to play outside after school? Yes. And all the mommas rejoiced.

3. A friend who gives my daughter the gift of words blesses me. 

Speaking of Holly visiting from Texas, she brought my girl some books from her childhood. Those were in addition to the ones she mailed the week before she came. And then she taught her how to play Words with Friends. What sweet gifts of encouraging a love of words, which Holly and I share and are happy to pass along to Cate.

4. I really like to read non-fiction, but fiction is a good way to let my mind relax.

I recently finished "Love Idol" by Jennifer Dukes Lee. It's a book that allowed me to see some truths God has been trying to teach me in recent years in a new way. It's truly been a life-changing journey and that book has been a valuable resource. I finished the book several days ago and I'm still thinking about it. Meanwhile, I started reading Harlan Coben's new book, "Missing You." Nothing like a little suspense to balance all the internal processing.

I also recommend another book I read this month: "Surprised by Motherhood" by Lisa-Jo Baker. It officially releases on April 1. You can read my review here.

5. Dads have good parenting stories too.

In a momma-dominated blogging world, it was refreshing to have dads guest post on my blog earlier this month. In an continuing effort to embrace imperfection, I've loved digesting "No More Perfect Kids" by Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch. In conjunction with their book release week, I had some dads come share their own stories of realizing their kids aren't perfect and never will be. {Oh, yes, consider that another book recommendation for you!}

6. Those postseason college basketball tournaments that aren't the NCAA Tournament can be fun if my favorite team is playing. 

Murray State is in the semi-final round of the Postseason Tournament. Yeah, the CIT. I've made fun of all these acronymed tournaments that aren't the NCAA too. But, hey, my Racers are still playing. And the games have been the kind that make the arena loud. That's March Madness ... at least on some level.

7. "House of Cards" is a good show. 

Who knew Netflix original productions would hook me like that? Kevin Spacey is so good as Frank Underwood. I like the behind-the-scenes drama of journalism and politics colliding and I enjoy the suspense of the story unfolding. Speaking of drama, "The Good Wife" has been rocking this season and "Scandal" is nuts in a way that keeps me watching.

8. Winning a local trivia night fund-raiser is fun.

Along with our two best other couple friends, we came in first out of 14 teams. The TV Theme Songs category really helped us. We brought home enormous Hershey's bars, trophies and gift certificates. {See picture at the top of the post!}

9. My kids have never been into a movie like they are Frozen.

The music. The characters. The story. They love it all. Yes, they, my 4-year-old boy is into almost as much as his 6-year-old sister. We had March 18 on the countdown app on my phone and they literally waited by the door for the UPS man to deliver the package from Amazon. He showed up about 4:30 p.m. that afternoon and they started watching it at 4:31 with much rejoicing. They watched it three other times that week and haven't stopped talking or singing about it.

I don't usually care about animated movies, but I like "Frozen" as much as any animated movie I've ever seen. That's not hyperbole; that's the truth. It's right up there with "The Lion King" for me.

10. When I find songs I like, I listen to them over and over. 

My most played songs this month are Ellie Holcomb's new album "As Sure As the Sun," NeedtoBreathe's "The Heart," and MercyMe's "You Are I Am."

Tell me about your March. What have you seen and heard and read and experienced?

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  1. I really do love these month-end posts. That Holley Gerth just sounds amazing. While I didn't read every post, I thought the dad series you did was super cool. I loved Frozen. Olaf totally reminded me of my youngest son. :) Now bring on spring!! Have a beautiful weekend. Love you.

  2. KristinHillTaylor3/28/2014 12:37 PM

    Well, Holley Gerth is amazing, but this is a different Holly in this post. :) My son LOVES Olaf! Happy weekend to you - hope you have a great one. Love you back.

  3. haha. Silly me. Not sure why I immediatly thought that since I've seen you talk about your other friend Holly too. Your friend Holly sounds amazing! I'm just losing my mind over here...blaming it on the weather. :)

  4. KristinHillTaylor3/28/2014 12:43 PM

    Apparently the Holly/Holleys in my life like words. :)

  5. So glad you had family and friends helping you when you were sick...and I just discovered The Good Wife...on Season 1...I know, it is now, what Season 4?...don't have cable...anyway, I think it has a great story line...Love Ellie Holcomb :) Thanks for sharing your list.

  6. You should find another Holly and see if she likes words too. Maybe it's in the name.

  7. 1) you forgot to mention you gave noteworthy advice (literally) with one eye closed while you laid on the couch asleep. Because you are awesome.

    3) I love how much she emulates you in so many ways.

    5) I enjoyed reading this series.

  8. You've more than convinced me to read Love Idol!

  9. KristinHillTaylor3/29/2014 3:23 PM

    I hope you love it as much as I did ... do, in fact, I can't stop thinking about it! :) Let me know what you think once you start reading.

  10. KristinHillTaylor3/29/2014 3:24 PM

    1. I keep waiting for you to blog about that. :)

    3. It's a little scary how much she's like me.

    5. I'm glad. And I love the way you encourage me even if it's in a way my life is different than yours. You've always been good at that - ever since that lunch in Qdoba nearly 7 years ago ...

  11. KristinHillTaylor3/29/2014 3:25 PM

    5. Not Qdoba. I mean, Quizno's.

  12. KristinHillTaylor3/29/2014 3:26 PM

    The Good Wife is actually in season five, so you've got some catching up to do, but it's SO worth it. :) Thanks for coming by, Dolly; I love seeing your face here.

  13. So sorry you were so sick. I hope you are feeling much better. I also hope the snow quits falling in your area and spring comes soon! What a special friend to share her words - a gift indeed. I want to read Jennifer's book too. Happy weekend!

  14. KristinHillTaylor3/29/2014 6:39 PM

    Happy weekend to you too, Mindy! Always good to see you here. :)