Saturday, November 23, 2013

B-E-N, Ben, Ben, Ben!

My nose has finally thawed out enough for me to tell you about Ben's 4th birthday party. And, yes, I'll get around to telling you why my nose was so cold.

But, first, my favorite picture of the birthday boy ...

That's how you blow out a candle with a mouth full of Kit-Kat. Just in case you ever wondered.

I've decided I really like morning birthday parties. They've become a trend around here, and I like it. Five families of friends and cousins joined us for a couple hours. Turns out, I fed my kids cake, M&Ms, nachos and kettle corn for lunch, but, hey, everybody had a good time!

The kids colored soccer ball pictures for our Compassion International boy Jean in Ecuador who shares Ben's birthday. Soccer happens to be Jean's favorite sport, which worked well with my sports balls-themed party. Jean turned 12 today. We collected some money to send his family in what's become a good way to make giving tangible for my kids.

{We started this last year at Ben's birthday party and continued it for our Compassion girl at Cate's party six months ago. You can read about how we incorporate giving to Compassion International as part of my kids' birthday parts in this post from earlier this year. And if you're inspired to do more, you can always sponsor a child.}

Continuing with the sports balls them, we lined the kids up for a rousing round of Pin the Ball on the Bat. Ben was disappointed when I told him we weren't playing pin the tail on any variety of farm animal, so he was thrilled when I tweaked the party tradition.

And then there was the baseball pinata he's been talking about for days. He had the bat picked out for days too. So, yes, he was ready to take a swing ... and collect candy.

There are kind gifts, a delicious cake from my friend Courtney, and concession stand snacks. And there was a house full of other families who are our people. We did miss Ben's best buddy Davey and family, who were recovering from three cases of strep throat and some ear infections among the three kids. All of these friends are like family and the family are like friends.

It's really the best kind of community. These people of ours came to celebrate our boy. And then a couple friends even cleaned up the crumbs that covered the floor afterward. True friendship, I tell you.

And then we went to watch Murray State play Eastern Kentucky in football. It was 44 degrees out, if you're curious. The game was exciting and we were in the sunshine into the fourth quarter. And then I realized my nose my numb. The layering and hot chocolate didn't help that my nose. For the record, you know it's cold if I'm holding and drinking a hot drink of any kind!

Oh and then they game went into overtime, of course. But Racers held on and kept the Colonels out of the end zone when it mattered and ended the football season with a win.

Memories were made. My nose has thawed. The kids are sleeping off all the sugar they ate. A happy day indeed.

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