Saturday, November 23, 2013

{Adoption} Ben is 4!

My boy turns 4 today! I tend to associate his birth with Thanksgiving as he was born the Monday before the holiday and the turkey we ate that day was 2.75 times bigger than my baby. But this year his birthday is the same day as National Adoption Day. You can read his adoption story here and you'll find the introduction to my guest post on No Maybe Baby below. 


Without adoption, our family wouldn't be what it is. And without you our family wouldn't be like it is. You're loud, messy, sweet, funny, mischievous and always moving. These are the adjectives that have described you since your first days of life and they continue to be true.

Four years in, my boy, and you continue to surprise me. During your parent-teacher conference last month, Mrs. Sands told us how you help your friends clean up when they're finished with center time. Well done, son.

Honestly, I'm still not entirely sure how to be a boy mom, but you're teaching me, that's for sure. You challenge me and encourages me to live in the present. You notice more than I expect yet you don't want to give many details beyond recess about your school day.

Yes, I have to correct you repeatedly. I remind you to slow down and be careful. I wonder what you're up to when I don't hear you. But you're learning. And you still take naps many days and sleep about 11 hours at night. All the going and talking and moving about requires precious sleep!

I'm learning too. I'm learning that this life right here, right now is worth it. Ben, you love us fiercely and have so much energy that you can channel into filling people's lives. Admittedly, some days I inadvertently squash and box your energy, but I'm constantly praying that God helps me encourage you to channel it as we learn together.

You adore your sister and believe you can do anything she can do, play any game that involves a ball, climb and run and jump, sing often, surprisingly sit still to read books, and draw others in with your social personality.

You remind us often with your words and actions that you're becoming quite a big boy. Your independence challenges me sometimes as a momma, but I know it will serve you well in this life. You like to talk about our plans for the day, what movies you've been watching, what road trip is coming next, and when Cate and Daddy are going to be home. And you always thank God for the four of us.

I thank God for the four of us too. You're just what our family needs. God knew what he was doing when he created your life and made us a family. We're all better with each other.

Happy fourth birthday, son. I love you more than ice cream.

In other news today, I'm also guest posting at Marcy Hanson's No Maybe Baby. Marcy and I connected on Twitter and she's recommended several books I'm excited to read and have included on an upcoming post about adoption resources. One of those books is hers. "No Maybe Baby" takes readers through seasons of infertility, fostering and adoption.

I would have told you I was pro-life long before I knew adoption was going to be my family’s story. But then I adopted – twice – and my definition of pro-life changed.

In 2007, I became a momma, finally, just seven months after giving up trying to get pregnant. My baby came because someone else chose life for her. And then about 30 months later, we brought home our second child whose life is owed to another brave woman. I’m grateful beyond words these two women chose life for the babies growing inside of them.

So, of course, I’m pro-life. But since bringing these babies home, I’ve realized pro-life is more than a political stance. It’s also a belief children are a blessing and not a burden. And I’m so grateful my kids’ birth moms recognized this too.

When we moms stand together, support each other, and commit to doing our best for our kids and the ones around us, then we’re pro-life. ...

{Continue reading at No Maybe Baby ...}

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  1. Happy Birthday, Ben! Such a beautiful and touching letter to your son. Thanks for sharing with us Kristin. Thank you for sharing your stories of adoption with us. Beautiful!

  2. KristinHillTaylor11/23/2013 9:04 PM

    Thanks, Beth! I hope you're having a good weekend!