Tuesday, April 9, 2013

{God-sized Dreams} Chihuahuas not welcome

"Fear hangs out right next to whatever it is you’re most called to do. That means the closer you get to your calling, the louder fear sounds. Keep going – fear is a chihuahua that sounds like a Doberman."

Dear Chihuahua of Fear,

I have some things I’d like to say to you, starting with stay out of my yard.

You may think I'm boxing myself in with this fence to keep you out, but, really, there is freedom here. There is freedom because I do venture outside my yard, but I have this safe place to come to when I need to regroup. This is the place I've cultivated with my husband, my kids and those closest to us. This is the place where we choose what comes in and how we spend our time. Our yard looks different than our neighbors' and friends'. And that's OK.

Chihuahua of Fear, you may yap and bark and whine to be let into my yard, into my life, but I'm not going to let you in. I don't want to step in your messes or have you interrupt my life. Chihuahua of Fear, you make me think everybody has to like me and that there's only one way to do something. The people-pleasing and judgmental ways have got to go. The over-analyzing conversations and moments isn't good for my soul. And competition? Really, it has no place among friends.

I've been wondering/If we stop sinking/Could we stand our ground/And through everything we've learned/We've finally come to terms/We are the outsiders .../On the outside/You're free to roam/On the outside/We found a home/On the outside/There's more to see/On the outside/We choose to be

{From "The Outsiders" by Needtobreathe}

It's ironic, really. Little yappy Chihuahua, I don't want you in my yard. You're on the outside. Yet this yard I'm cultivating with the Maker of it all really is on the outside of our society. I don't want to do what everyone else is doing. Yes, sometimes that's easier.

But living intentionally and radically will make a difference in my kids' hearts and our relationships in this world. We're outsiders here, though, really. Because our sights are set on another yard, a place Jesus has spent more than 2,000 years preparing for us. I think of the glory I've seen here, and, really, I can't imagine the glory we'll experience there.

So stay out of my yard here, Chihuahua of Fear, because you won't be welcome with us in this heavenly place being prepared for us outsiders.

Tuesdays are God-sized Dream days around here and I'm linking this post along with many, many other dreamers on Holley Gerth's blog. You'll find encouragement, truth and community there. Holley encouraged this post to start out with those first 14 words, which, as she said, "Is this kinda silly? Um, yes, but that’s the point. Fear always tries to make us take it more seriously than we should."

I'm also linking up with Soli Deo Gloria at Finding Heaven. 

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  1. I love the picture of not even letting fear into my yard...the place
    where I am free to dream. Great analogy! :) Plus, fear does bring a mess
    with it. (I was kind of wishing that my neighbor who walks his yorkie
    through our yard every day would read this!) Blessings on your day, friend. :)

  2. KristinHillTaylor4/09/2013 8:19 PM

    Thanks, Mel! The analogy came to me when I was listening to that Needtobreathe song while I was running this morning. Honestly, until then, I was pretty stumped about what I was going to write. This week's prompt was a challenge for me! So then I came home and read yours about running and appreciated your analogy too. Hope you've had a good day!

  3. You go girl. Don't even let that little yappy thing in. If we don't even let him in our "area" then he can't nip at our heels.

  4. Oh, my, Kristin, I'm SO GLAD you were my neighbor at SDG this week! This letter gave me chills- I want to shake your hand, hug you, stand up and cheer- whatever would say to you, "GO FOR IT! DREAM BIG!" And then I want to go dream a bit myself :) Thanks for this gift here today.

  5. KristinHillTaylor4/10/2013 1:32 PM

    Yes! Exactly that. Some days are harder than others. :)

  6. KristinHillTaylor4/10/2013 1:33 PM

    Thanks, Alicia! Happy dreaming ... :)

  7. KristinHillTaylor4/10/2013 1:34 PM

    Exactly - I don't need any little yappy dog nipping at my heels. That's probably worse than being hit in the back of the heels by a little grocery cart maneuvered by one of my kids!