Sunday, April 14, 2013

{Compassion} Change a story

When I signed up to participate in Compassion Sunday, I didn't realize I'd get all these profiles of kids who needed to be sponsored. I mean, I know there are tons of precious pictures online. But to hold these packets in my hands is different.

I can't sponsor them all, but, goodness, I don't want to send them back after next week's Compassion Sunday. This day is a chance for church congregations to learn more about what Compassion International does and hear more personal testimony about how sponsoring a child is good for that child, obviously, but how it also changes your story here, where we have more than we could ever possibly need.

Waiting for sponsors are ...

Gisella, 4, in Indonesia
Esteban, 9, in Mexico
Lucia, 7, in Nicaragua
Ester, almost 4, in Tanzania
Damini, 9, in India
Milton, 10, in Guatemala
Patricia, 6, in Ghana
Sanju, 10, in India
Francisca, 9, in Brazil
Yakeline, 5, in Peru
Pehiagaing, 6, in India
Marilyn, 10, in Guatemala
Geremy, 4, in Nicaragua
Prince, 8, in Ghana
Sunil, almost 8, in India

For $38 a month, you can give a child what they need. They'll get educational, medical, social, practical and spiritual guidance and resources they didn't have before. Your regular financial contribution and the letters you exchange with your child will change a story there and here. {This $38 is tax-deductible and can be automatically deducted each month.}

I'm going to take these profiles and some stories of our own to our congregation on April 21. But, honestly, here's the deal: I go to a small church. It's a generous church, where several families already sponsor children through Compassion International. I hope a few more children get sponsors there. But I also want to ask you, this online extension of my community, to consider sponsoring a child. 

If you live in Murray, I invite you to come hold some of these profiles in your hand. Pick a country or name or birthdate that means something to you. Or pick a child who has been wanting longer than the others to be chosen. Or choose someone from that list up there and I'll get you the info you need to start a sponsorship. If you live elsewhere, go browse the online profiles. There you can search by country, sex, birthdate, and wait time.

And then there is Pedro in Brazil, who needs a sponsor and a smile.

Choose a child. And choose to change a story somewhere else and right here at home. 

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