Sunday, April 14, 2013

{York Photo} Deals on gifts

Happy Mother's Day - Pick Your Offer: Order An 11X14 Designer Poster -- OR -- a 4X6 Softcover Photo Book For Only $2!I often give photo gifts to my mom. And my mother-in-law. And, really, anyone. So when there are deals, I like to figure out who can benefit from me making a personalized gift while not breaking the bank.

4X6 Softcover Photo Book For Only $2!If you've never ordered from York Photo, I have a couple new customer opportunities from York Photo that will be perfect for Mother's Day. {It's Sunday, May 12, if you need to make a note on your calendar.}

So, new York Photo customers, here are the details. Most notable, it's an either OR deal. So pick which deal you like best and go for it.

To get the 11-by-14 designer poster for $2, use THANKSMOM when you check out. Standard shipping is $2.49.

To get the 4-by-6 softcover photo book for $2, use PRAISEMOM when you check out. Standard shipping is $2.99.

With either deal, you'll get 40 FREE PRINTS when you open your account. Both coupons codes are for a one-time use and can't be combined with other codes. They expire May 3.

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