Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cleaning up and cleaning out

I had a to-do list today while both my kids were in school: Order cupcakes. Get blood drawn. Call back insurance adjuster. Clean out wrecked mini van. Start looking for new-to-me mini van. Pick up consignment money. Pick up prescription.

Crying while cleaning out my van wasn't part of my plan. It wasn't that there was more stuff stored throughout my van than I realized. It wasn't that I was saying good bye to a machine that has served us well and taken us to many places. It was the what-if scenarios running through my mind. It was the replaying of the other car crashing into a tree.

And I'm guessing the logistics of cleaning up after my wreck sparked an overflow of emotions. In the grand scheme of life, this isn't that bad. Sure, it's inconvenient. Of course, it's something I wish my kids hadn't experienced. But I know people suffering worse and I know people I don't know have problems that don't even compare.

We're blessed. We're safe. And we're surrounded by a community of people I wouldn't trade for a brand-new Chrysler Town & Country.

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