Thursday, December 13, 2012

always never alone

Photo by Angela Taylor

I cried a very ugly cry and verbally vomited my overwhelming emotions all over my husband when he got home from work today. Some of it unfortunately spewed on my two kids who pay attention when I wish they wouldn't and make me wonder if they hear me other times of the day. Then in the midst of the ugly, ugly moments of me retelling how I cried and felt alone while cleaning out my wrecked mini van, truth broke through the mouth of my 5 1/2-year-old girl.

"Momma, you weren't alone. Jesus is always with you."


I was still crying, but inside I was rejoicing.

Because she's right. And she's been paying attention to the things that really matter and not just my spewing, crying mess.

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  1. Your girl is right! It is crazy how impossible it is to talk to another adult without kids listening in though. I'm praying for you and that you will find some peace with the wreck and van shopping and that Jesus will take that burden from you right now. Revelation is always good though and kids are wonderful vessels that bring it sometimes. :) Let me know if I can help you with anything!!

  2. Thanks, Tabitha! Well, honestly, I was doing a terrible job not spewing my emotional mess in front of the kids. It's my fault she heard. BUT I'm glad she did. :) This all seems so unimportant as I read stories about the Connecticut shooting today. So, so sad.