Monday, December 17, 2012

{P&G} A World Wide Web of Deals


I like shopping online. I'd say at least 60 percent of the Christmas gifts I bought this year came from online shops. I took advantage of deals and cash back opportunities. Plus, I didn't have to drag my two kids through toy aisles or the couple local stores in my small town as much as I would have had to otherwise.

But in the spirit of full disclosure, I buy more than gifts online. When my favorite local grocery store stopped carrying our favorite marinade, I ordered a case online. More than once. Big boxes of diapers and wipes have been delivered to my front door many, many, many times in the 5 1/2 years I've had a kid in diapers. {No, not the same kid!} And just last week I ordered the laminate floor cleaner I've found most reliable. I'm waiting on the last Christmas present to arrive this week.

With the unwrapping of these online-ordered gifts quickly approaching, a stash of batteries would be good to have on hand. Luckily, P&G eStore has a deal on its Duracell products. You can get 28 AAA or AA batteries delivered right to your door. Perhaps you should even enter the Duracell sweepstakes and possibly win a bundle of batteries worth $100.

Regardless of what you order, you'll get free shipping when you spend more than $25, free samples with every order, and 15% off your first order with the code A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA.

And while you're there, go ahead and stock up on Pampers or Luvs diapers, Downy and Tide laundry products, Gillette shaving accessories, Olay and CoverGirl beauty products, and Oral-B and Crest teeth care products. Because, really, the only thing better than having one box arrive on your door step is carrying two inside your house.

Happy shopping!

This post, for which I'm being compensated, is sponsored by BlogHer and P&G, but I really do love online shopping. My experiences are true and will continue to happen. Want more? Subscribe to get "Insights" in your inbox. Or follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

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