Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the mend

This is what happens when momma is sick.

I have good news: My head really may not explode.

I wasn't so sure yesterday afternoon. From Sunday afternoon until last night, I didn't do much other than lay on the couch. Rather, couches. Depending who was home and what they were doing, I moved from the basement {where our most comfortable couch is} to the upstairs living room {where Diego and one of the countless "Land Before Time" sequels entertained my kids} to the kitchen {yes, we have a couch in the kitchen ...}. I read a little and watched the pilot episode of "Felicity," thank to Netflix.

My husband pitched in and drove carpool yesterday morning so I only had to take Ben to preschool rather than picking up two other kids and taking them and Cate to their school farther away. Yay, husband! So I had three hours to myself on the comfortable couch in the dark, cold basement yesterday morning.

Then I went to see my new doctor, who is in same practice as my current doctor who is moving away soon. I liked her from the initial meeting, but I almost seriously hugged her when she said she was prescribing me a z-pack antibiotic for my red throat and fluid-filled ears. I sensed relief coming, although, admittedly, I had doubts yesterday evening.

Greg came through again when he brought dinner home. I was feeling particularly rough by late afternoon. I even texted my friend who is a nurse about how I didn't remember feeling so bad before. And then later I asked her if I could take anything else on top of the antibiotic and Zyrtec. She informed me taking Sudafed may help my head feel less full.

Thanks to some medicine and a decent night's sleep, I woke up this morning feeling better. Not great, but certainly better. I had enough energy to make it to the grocery to restock our bare kitchen cabinets, although I did have to open a box of Kleenex I hadn't purchased yet and dip into my cough drop supply throughout the aisles. Speaking of cough drops, Greg swears by Luden's Wild Cherry drops {and brought some home for me yesterday!}, although I'm not sure they have the medicinal value of Hall's cough drops, which taste like ... well ... medicine. They taste just like candy, but they helped my dry, itchy throat enough to end the coughing fit I was having in the meat department.

And you'll be glad to know my sink no long looks like the picture above. The dishwasher has been unloaded and re-loaded with all those dirty dishes. I'm typically a load-as-we-go girl, so you know I've been resting when my sink is overflowing. Of course, after tending to the sink, I had to sit for a few minutes. Good thing there is a couch in my kitchen.

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