Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sick Day

Sick days aren't really in the benefits package of motherhood. But, if I'm going to take at least a partial one, a Sunday is apparently the day to do it. I woke up thinking I wasn't going to change out of my pajamas or leave the house, thanks to a nagging head cold.

Let me tell you about my head cold. I never really struggled with allergies until the past few years. It's been too hot. And too dry. And it didn't cool down enough. Farmers are cutting down corn that survived the drought and stirred up the ragweed. I keep hearing all these excuses. I have no idea what to blame, but every time my head gets congested, it drains into my ear. And it just sits there. A couple years ago, my primary care doctor said maybe tubes would help the fluid drain, so she referred to me an ENT who, after a series of hearing tests and ear exams, said I just needed to stop thinking about how my ear was bothering me.


His professional opinion was that I spent too much thinking about my ear.


Funny thing is, my daughter who doesn't share an ounce of DNA with me, tends to get ear infections when she gets congested because the sinus fluid drains into her ear. It's almost better she gets an infection because at least then she gets an antibiotic to help clear it up. My next primary care doctor {who is moving, thus leaving me with having a new doctor again for the second time in less than three years ...} explained that the fluid was draining into some particular ear canal or something and there wasn't really anything medically that could be done to cure it. While his explanation didn't offer a solution, at least he offered an explanation.

So, anyway, the past couple mornings I've woken up with a heavy head, but as I've gotten going, it's cleared up enough that I don't wonder when I can lay down next. Not today. The snot and phlegm and fluid just sat there. All day. Really, I've tried to not think about my ear ... 

Greg got ready to go to church early for worship team practice. After my kids were fed and dressed, I started up whatever of the many "Land Before Time" sequel they had picked and I proceeded to lay down on the couch with a pillow and a blanket and a book. I decided to postpone making any decision about my next steps.

Cate, being the ever-observant, first-born child she is, asked who would sit with her and Ben at church while Daddy played guitar if I didn't go.

Who can tell a 5-year-old girl she isn't going to church after that?

Right. Nobody.

So I went, after laying on the couch for awhile and then finally mustering the energy to get ready. Really, once I got there I was alright. So alright that when my best friend asked if we were going to lunch I said "yes," without hesitation because I've missed her and I was hungry. But after the delicious Zaxby's meal and putting kids in their rooms for nap/rest time, I found my corner of the couch.

And I stayed there for FIVE hours, only getting up to use the bathroom, get a drink, and prepare a dinner that involved grilled cheese {one of which was made using one heel ...} and leftover pizza. My husband was helpful and rested with me while we watched a couple episodes of "Bones," the Titans football game, and some of the Cardinals baseball game. Cate played in her room for a couple hours before lugging a pile of coloring supplies down to the basement. Ben took a good nap and then joined us in the basement.

I'm sure some people take sick days and actually ignore their work. My work cuddled up with my on the couch between Lego construction projects and books ready by Daddy. At one point, Cate said, "I love snuggling with you, Momma. You're so comfortable." Hey, I took it as a compliment. Lounging may have had its benefits for our whole little family.

Now it's not quite 8:30 p.m. and I have been laying in bed for 45 minutes. I'm contemplating actually going to sleep, after taking Nyquil, of course. "Serendipity" is playing in the background. I may read some more of "Girl Meets God" by Lauren Winner.

Or I may just call it a day.

How do you handle sick days? Any favorite movies that are worth watching over and over?

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  1. Kristin,

    I sure hope you feel better in the morning! I am glad for you that you landed a weekend, somewhat restful sick day today.

    So, my biologist brain couldn't let this go, so I had to check up on one of your statements... You said "my daughter who doesn't share an ounce of DNA with me"... First, good job for choosing ounces as your units - apparently you probably have a couple ounces of DNA in your body if it was isolated and measured! But, more importantly, you and Cate share A LOT of DNA! People argue about the numbers, and it depends on how you ask the question or calculate the answer (blah, blah, blah), but two unrelated humans share more than 99% of their genetic code. Yay! And don't let Cate hear you say otherwise.

    Will try to get Ben's sippy cup back to you soon :)

    1. Thanks, Heather.

      I truly had no idea biologically unrelated people shared that much DNA. Of course, biology never was my subject of choice! :)