Tuesday, August 14, 2012

'Twas the night before kindergarten

... and all through the house there were details, feelings, plans, ideas and desires circling in Momma's mind. The kindergartner hasn't seemed to be as impacted by the anticipation. She's ready. And I'm mostly ready. But instead of dwelling on changes, transitions and logistics, sometimes you {well, me, really ...} just need to put all the cares aside and run around the house with a stuffed, talking soccer ball.

That defines carefree. Just take a look.

It's even fun when the chase becomes more
like a rugby scrum on the hardwood floor ... 

... with laughing, grabbing, chasing, running,
sneaking, hiding, holding, and wrestling. 

These impromptu games bring out determination ...

... and cleverness and all sorts of strategy.

And they end with stories to tell ... 

... and joy to share.

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