Wednesday, August 15, 2012

She will fly.

I told my husband this morning: Our girl was made for school. Really, I believe she was made for so much more beyond any four walls. But she's the kid who will love school and do well there. She's social. She pay attention to every last detail. And she likes to learn.

So, really, I wasn't surprised when she walked down the stairs before 7 a.m. dressed in her school clothes. I was going to get her up after I got myself dressed, but she was ready. She knew she wanted to wear that dress this morning. And she's all about those ruffly socks. We even have hairbows that work with the school uniform guidelines.

Of course, brother Ben wanted in the photo!

On the way to school Cate requested "the songs I know the motions to," which is the CD from the vacation Bible school she went to this summer. The first song was so appropriate. The message was a good one for all four us in the minivan.

Up, up, and way we go
Into the great beyond
Wherever we go and whatever we do,
We're trusting God all along

We will fly, we will soar ...
Nothing is impossible
We will rise through the storm
Trusting God and leaving our fears behind
We will fly

Anything is possible
Everything is possible with God

I see her dressed in her school clothes and I know she's more than dressed for her new role as a kindergartner. She's ready on the inside. She already made a friend at back-to-school and held her hand this morning as Jayden showed her where her lunch box would go each morning. While talking and laughing with her friend, she looked back toward me and grinned. And I knew it was time to go, even though my momma heart wasn't quite ready.

I wasn't worried. I didn't doubt our schooling decision. And I knew it was time. But so many moments over the past five years flashed through my mind all at once. I thought about how almost five years ago to the day I gave a month's notice to my editor that I was leaving a job I loved to be a full-time mom to a baby girl I loved even more. And I remembered her two fabulous years at a preschool I'm so glad we're still part of with Ben now going. I thought about our community of friends and how we've all made different schooling decisions but how we're still in this together.

She was ready. And I knew it was time. So we gave her hugs and kisses and told her to have a great day at kindergarten.

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