Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thanks, Weekend.

Dear Weekend,

Meeting you at the lake is always a good thing. I sat on the porch Saturday morning while my kids and husband fished. I'm sure Ben threw some rocks too. But I sat there and was confident peace comes to me nowhere else like it does right there.

Funny thing is, I grew up thinking lakes were for boats and pools were for people. Kentucky Lake has won me over. And now I miss it when it's too long between visits.

Greg and I talked about how spending our time with you, Weekend, at our vacation house between renters seems like a real getaway, even though it's only 14.1 miles from our house. Before you arrived, I planned some meals, grocery shopped for what I needed, packed this food after gathering clothes and the few other things we'd need for two nights at the lake.

And I'm so glad I did. We got there Friday in time for Greg to grill some incredibly delicious kabobs and didn't leave until we headed back to town for church on Sunday. In between, we enjoyed the view, played Uno with my game-loving 5-year-old girl, shared the house with our dear friends who spent the second night with us, swam, fished, jet skiied, grilled dinner a second night, played three games of Settlers of Catan {two of which I won!} while our kids watched "Lorax" and then slept, ate snacks, and laughed much.

See, Weekend, you are so sweet to bring such this time to me. After our first full week of school routine, I was ready for you, especially there. Some of my favorite moments came while holding on tightly to the tube with Cate while Greg pulled us with the jet ski. Tubing is my favorite lake activity, and having my adventurous, fun, talkative girl with me makes it even better.

Another one of my favorite things was my watching my boy, who loves being in the water. In case you're wondering, he just jumps in. That's pretty much his life philosophy. But he was particularly cute ...

Look at that jet ski-induced hair!

Goggles! Although I'm not sure why his eyes are closed underneath!

Weekend, thanks for coming. I'm looking forward to you extending your visit next time so we can jump in to the adventures the come our way. They may not involve the peace of lake house porch or the thrill of being pulled around the water, but more stories will be created both in the days leading to you and once we're back together again. 


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