Friday, August 24, 2012

One week

I think they miss each other when she's at school.

One week of our new routine has been {nearly} accomplished. And, you know, it wasn't as hard as I expected.

I woke up before my alarm most mornings. Seriously. This surprises me, mostly because I haven't had to get up to an alarm that wasn't my kids' morning wake up calls to me in five years. Five years. It's three weeks exactly until my five-year anniversary of quitting my job, which I went back to for three months after my girl was born. And, really, my piercing alarm hasn't interrupted my sleep much since. Instead, I've gotten up with my kids, one of whom rarely sleeps past 7.

So, yes, I was dreading the alarm. And I didn't want to start every morning rushing around.

But, thankfully, I haven't had to hear it and I've still gotten ready for the day and gotten my girl to school without much rushing.

Getting her to school isn't always my job, thanks to a carpool we have with two other families. My driving responsibility is taking them three mornings and picking them up one afternoon. After a week in, the carpool schedule seems to work well. Cate likes riding in her friends' vehicles. I like that I don't have to wake up Ben most afternoons from his nap to make it to school by 3 o'clock. The two other moms work part-time jobs so they're able to get their hours in and have their kids transported to and from school when needed.

And if you haven't heard, my daughter loves kindergarten. She was made to learn and make friends and share stories and write and color and follow rules. She's independent and confident and brave and ready. She hadn't even been coming home tired ... until yesterday. After a three-day week and the fourth day of a full week of school, Cate finally reached a tired point. She went to bed early and woke up feeling refreshed for this last day of her first full week.

Ben likes preschool too. I've had three days with no kids for the morning and I've figured out some things I'll love to do with that time and discovered that grocery shopping is not how I want to spend my kid-free time. I've been productive. I've enjoyed the quiet. And I've been glad when the kids come home.

One week down. So many more to go. But I think we'll like it here. 

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