Friday, July 13, 2012

Together in the rain

These kids were so excited to see their preschool teacher after two months away from her. And, thing is, they aren't preschoolers anymore. They're {almost} kindergartners. That's something to celebrate ... even in the rain.

We've had such dry, hot weather ... until this week when some relief came. There have been storms that have teased farmers with small amounts of rain. Temperatures have cooled slightly, but there's still the familiar sticky, humid Kentucky summer air. But then today the clouds hovered with a constant, soft, soaking rain. I'm sure the farmers rejoiced.

And so did these kids.

They were happy to be together. They were excited to revisit their before-lunch prayer-song. Their younger siblings were happy to see their teacher too. There were hugs and stories and missing teeth.

The {almost} kindergartners and a few younger siblings didn't care their party at the park was on the rainy day farmers have been praying for. They just played. In the rain.

Ben dumped the bubbles into the puddle, and then popped them.
"I dig dirt." Appropriate shirt, huh?

They had mud between their toes and evidence of pizza and cooking icing around their mouths. There was much laughing and chasing and hugging and taking and eating and playing. And we all left with full hearts and damp hair.


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