Monday, July 16, 2012


Ben's creation on his floor ...  
Along with the Aquafor, Aveeno, Balmex and Calmoseptine squeezed all over himself and into the carpet, my 2 1/2-year-old Ben finished off the tube of Mederma. My first instinct was to put the gel that is supposed to reduce scars on my shopping list. My all-boy, curious, adventurous son has a scar on his forehead from when he and I fell out of a tube on a water slide recently and on his thigh from where he was burned by a just-out-of-the-oven pizza

Surely a boy like this needs expensive scar-diminishing cream.


But isn't this going to be the last time he'll scar. He likes sticks and rocks. He's not afraid of anything. He climbs and jumps and runs and puts his Crocs on the wrong feet regularly. He's messy and quick and curious.

He's going to have more scars. Plenty more you'll be able to see and likely ones tucked inside his heart. That's part of truly living. And, boy, does my boy know how to live. He's only 31 months and 23 days old, yet I have no doubt he's going to make an impact wherever he goes. It's hard to miss he's coming.

I posted that picture of his creamy creation on Facebook after I discovered it on his floor Friday morning. There were all sorts of comments about the specific products and my always-into-something son. Someone even wished me luck getting the creams out of his carpet. I decided we'll just have to recarpet Ben's room ... when he goes to college.

Until then, he'll have stories to share, memories worth treasuring, and plenty of scars to show for it. Perhaps I don't need to waste my money on any cream to make them disappear.


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