Sunday, July 22, 2012

Soaking, breathing, changing, living

I haven't taken many pictures lately or written many words. I've been soaking up the days before my girl goes to kindergarten.

We've been to the pool. Cate likes to "swim" without floats where she can touch. I use swim loosely because she hops around more than anything, although this weekend she was swimming underwater pretty well. Meanwhile, Ben is like a fish ... in a floatie.

I've pushed the kids {all 77 combined pounds plus the stroller} as I've tried to learn to like to run. Listening to Needtobreath helps. Of course, I ... need ... to ... breath ... when I run, even on these past few "cooler" Kentucky mornings.

They kids have played while I caught up with friends and they've played together for stretches without arguing and bickering while I organize random areas of the house. I keep making these messes to get to tidy. Like so much in life, it's a process. 

Cate picked out school supplies and new shoes while we ran some errands a couple days ago.

And I've been mentally gearing up for setting an alarm and waking my daughter up five out of seven days for the first time in almost five years. There was a short stretch of about three months when Cate was a baby that I had to be at work at 7 a.m. But then I quit that job and threw myself fully into this one. And the season around here is changing. It's mostly exciting.

But I don't want to wish these days away because I sense them flying by ...


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