Monday, July 30, 2012

The Good Life ... in a swim dress

I could live in my swim suit ... er ... swim dress. I put it on Friday morning while getting ready to spend the day at Venture River water park and it was still damp from Thursday afternoon at the public pool. Oh, Summer, how I love you. What a joy to have two consecutive water days. Seriously, give me a slightly damp swim suit ... er ... dress. I'd spend my summer in it if I could.

Knowing this, you're probably not surprised to hear my heart is so, so, so happy to see my kids swimming.


A couple weeks ago, Cate was flopping around in water that didn't cover her was. Then in a matter of a couple trips to the pool within days of each other, she was swimming in that same shallow water. Now she's working on breathing without touching the bottom of the pool so she can move to deeper water. I think she's going to do it this summer. We've got 2 1/2 weeks before school starts. {Have I mentioned she's going to kindergarten?!} Really, it's fine if she doesn't conquer the deep end this summer; no pressure from her momma. But, admittedly, I love watching her progress now that she wants to. It's been egged on by some older friends who don't use life jackets while jumping off the diving board. I just remind her that she's close to being there. And then she pulls her goggles over her eyes and tries again.

Meanwhile, Ben keeps his eyes open when he puts his head in the water and kicks and reaches and swims. He wears a life jacket, but that doesn't slow him or take away any of his confidence.

My kids are like fish. And I don't mind because, you know, I could live in my swim suit ... er ... dress.

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