Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just keep swimming ...

Most nights before Cate goes to bed, she asks me what we're doing the next day. Admittedly, I usually have something to tell her. But last night I told her I wasn't sure what we were doing. Sometimes planning not to have plans is necessary to balance adventure and busyness.

And busy we have been.

Memorial Day weekend was so much fun. I described it as "super fun" when I was talking to 5-year-old Cate last night just before the standard "What are we doing in the morning?" By "morning," she means the next day. Time. I'm ready for her to figure it out. Anyway.

We swam the past four days. I figured today was a good day to regroup and rest.

Three pools and the lake were our playgrounds this weekend. Swimming got an early start for me this year, and apparently the trend is holding. And this is a good thing. Some of my best summer days as a kid were spent at the pool. And then I'd like to come home and eat Triscuits with melted cheese and taco sauce. The evenings were filled with catching fireflies and playing extensive games of flashlight tag with my neighbors who were my best friends.

These are the things of the summer to me. And I'm glad my kids already have the love of swimming in them. There will be more days spent at the pool and the lake, kids, I promise.

So, back to this weekend. It was hot. Record-breaking hot, actually. Thus, the swimming. We even hung out on a beach. In Kentucky, well, technically, Tennessee.

"The beach" at Piney Campground in Dover, Tenn.

Serious sand diggers ...

and some serious sand-castle building led by Aunt Angela.

The sign lies. That's my husband standing out there.

I adore my girl and my waterproof camera.


This nap didn't happen like I had hoped.

So. I still don't know what we're doing today. But it's raining now, so it's a perfect day to take a break from the sun. But that's OK. Adventures are bound to happen inside our house, even if we don't plan them. And then girl who always wants to know what's next seems to be leading the fun with her imagination and little brother along for the ride.


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