Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No, don't always say no.

I tend to tell my kids no often.

Ben, no, don't jump from there. 

No more snacks. We're getting ready to go to bed. 

No, we aren't eating at a restaurant. I have food for us at home.

No, we're still on a TV break. Let's play outside. 

No, it's not your turn yet.

No, Ben, don't hit her with a stick. 

No, school isn't starting yet. It's summer break. 

No ... 

Sure, generally my nos are to protect, teach and guide. But sometimes I need to say yes. Just because.

One day last week we were out running errands and Cate asked {then Ben followed ...} if we could eat at Culver's. I said yes because it was convenient, lunch time was nearing, and, really, why not? They shared a drink. We all shared stories. And it felt good not to say no just because I had lunch food at home or stopping at Culver's wasn't in our plan.

Letting go can be good. For me, that means embracing the impromptu plans, saying yes, and remembering the best stories are told along the way. Protecting, teaching and guiding can still happen, and, yes, I still say no plenty of times on any given day.

But, yes, let me find you some chalk.

Yes, you can take your shoes off. 

Yes, we'll stop to play at the playground for a little while.

Yes, we can go to the pool. 

Yes, we'll see if they can come over for dinner. 

Yes, let's watch "The Lion King."

Ironically, yesterday, hours after I starting typing this, I realized I was in the midst {and loving!} a day where two plans fell through, a couple impromptu plans happened even though one ended with us walking in the rain with thunder in the distance, dinner was "we'll play it by ear," and another friend and I texted throughout the day about how we might catch up in person later that evening but didn't end up doing so because all three people in her care were have stomach issues. {Wow. That's a long, run-on sentence. Kind of like my meandering day. So I'm leaving it ...}

You may know I'm a stereotypical first-born perfectionist, so I don't typically embrace such go-with-the-flow days. But, seriously, I loved yesterday. I'm not sure if I just needed a low-key day after a fun, busy weekend, or if, finally, I was letting God have hold of my control-freak heart.

Either way, I'm feeling like this journey probably just began. What about you? Do you rely on plans as much as I do?


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