Saturday, February 18, 2012

Words of Compassion

I've always liked having letter-writing friends. When I was a kid I had various pen pals at different times. I also regularly wrote my uncle who lives in Yellowstone National Park letters. Even as a grown-up, I like writing my friends letters. 

In December, we started sponsoring our second child through Compassion International. We chose a boy with our son's birthday -- although he's eight years older. I had been thinking about Jean and hoping to hear from him soon. We got a letter earlier this week, and I suddenly felt connected to a 10-year-old boy in Ecuador, a country I know very little about. But I know enough to know our lives are very different. 

Yet I felt bonded through the translated letter. 

Maybe it's because he called his 3-year-old sister "frisky," and that's a word that could apply to my 2-year-old boy who shares Jean's birthday. Or maybe it's because he listed some of his favorite things, as if he was inviting me into his life. 

Either way, I'm happy the letter-writing ball is rolling with Jean. And I'm looking forward to sharing our life with him, praying God blesses his and and let's His Kingdom come.

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