Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy birthday, Jesus!

I don't want the truth of Christmas to get lost in the commercialized holiday. So we've been talking often about Jesus being born as a baby. Then he grew up and taught people about life with him and heaven. But the savior of the world was born in a manger. And that's why we celebrate.

So, yes, we've been proclaiming "Happy birthday, Jesus!" quite frequently around here. There's a great song {Thanks, Slugs & Bugs!} that helps drive home our point. Most recently, we had a birthday party for Jesus with some friends.

The party started with an idea last year. We had a party with two other families. And then we expanded this year. There were 12 families, which meant 21 adults and 24 kids. Celebrating with the families with whom we share our lives is an important part of Christmas for us.

They kids made advent chains that have Bible verses to read each day counting down to Christmas. They colored and played. We collected food for a local food bank and money to help kids through Compassion International. We sang carols and listened to the Christmas story.

And we had birthday cake, of course. Happy birthday, Jesus! We sure had fun celebrating your birth.

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  1. If you happen to have a copy of the advent chain verses, I would love that! I have an advent calendar and would love to include verses with the candy.

  2. Here is the link the printable advent chains: