Monday, December 12, 2011

Only joy, please ...

The holidays make me so anxious! How can I stay organized this year?

This question was posed by Blogher's Life Well Lived. And, honestly, for me, it's too late in the Christmas season to implement any new strategies. The fact I start early keeps the anxiety away from this first-born, stereotypical perfectionist.

I stay organized by starting early with a list of what I want to do, for whom I want to buy gifts, where Christmas photos and letters are going, food and gifts needs for various parties, babysitters required for adult-only dinners, and travel plans to visit my out-of-town family. If often also shop throughout the year and store up presents in a closet. And I remind myself of what's most important for our family {celebrating Jesus with people we love and teaching our kids about generosity and the savior of the world}.

I get it all on the calendar and on the grocery list and just dive in. With my camera, of course.

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We have something planned every evening from now until Dec. 27. And I'm not stressed. It's taking me awhile to get here. But I'm glad to be here, aiming to soak in everything I love about this season. The songs. The smells. The people. The places. The food. The meaning.

Starting early and making a plan keeps me from letting anxiety steal my joy.

Join in the conversation! How do you keep from getting anxious in December? Have you thought of something you'd like to implement next year?

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