Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmasy weekend

The Christmas celebrations continue ...

We spent Saturday morning and afternoon at Greg's mom's house with his brothers and their families. And then we went to the annual Taylor Christmas Party with Greg's grandpa and two great-uncles and all their descendants. I've told you before about the beauty of a large family: My daughter is able to befriend her second cousin once removed. We shared a delicious meal, caught up with each other and listened to kids play together.

That's Cate and Taylor -- second cousins once removed.

Cate and Ethne are first cousins. And, yes, that's Ben crying in the background.

Evelyn is only seven months older than Ben. Yep, cousins who are both 2 is quite an adventure. But I think we wore them out because they both cuddled up with Greg during the basketball game that ended our family day. Oh, have you heard? Our Racers are 12-0 and ranked 24th in The Associated Press poll.

It was a great day of togetherness across the family tree.

And then Sunday we went a-caroling ...


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