Sunday, September 4, 2011

A small-town big family

Cate played with her second cousin once removed yesterday afternoon. Yeah, I've never met someone of that relation to myself. But the beauty of a big family in a small town is when your 4-year-old daughter's second cousin once removed, who is almost 7, is visiting Murray from her home in Nashville, you can have lunch with the relatives unexpectedly and then have an impromptu playdate.

Cate and Taylor -- whose last name isn't Taylor but whose mom's maiden name is Taylor -- played at Dwain and Mary's house. To further the relational break down, Dwain is Greg's great uncle and Taylor's grandpa. Cate came home talking about Gigi, who until today we've called Aunt Mary.

The girls played Yahtzee, climbed on a swing set, drove a Barbie Power Wheel and discussed last names and where they live. Taylor taught Cate about tennis. And Cate fell off a homemade zip line after having been successful some times earlier.

She came home with a bruised finger and elbow, busted lip and gums, and scraped cheek. But she also brought home lots of stories and memories. Then Taylor brought Cate a get-well gift today. And we've already mentioned getting together next time.


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