Saturday, November 12, 2011

Celebrating Ben!

Lots of leaves cover our backyard. And when they're raked into piles, kids can be entertained for quite some time. Cousins Milla and Jax came from Louisville with Grandmom to help celebrate Ben's {early} second birthday with us yesterday. We celebrated early to accommodate Thanksgiving-related travel plans.

'Twas a good day for a party ...

All seven of my kids' first cousins and two dear families we adore came to celebrate my boy, who is all boy. Part of me can't believe he's 2. And the other part is relieved he's 2. He keeps me on my toes and gives me a mental and physical workout most every waking moment.

But life wouldn't be the same without him. And I'm so thankful he's here with us. He fits in our family perfectly. I'm excited to see where we go from here. And, with Ben, we know for certain we're going somewhere in a hurry.

Happy birthday, sweet boy!

He kept saying "eat water" when looking at the waterfall down the side of his Diego cake. {Didn't Courtney do a fabulous job? She always does! Here's his party and cake last year.} So, "eat water" he did ...

Believe it or not, we kept the blue icing out his hair. That's no small feat around here, trust me.

He was amazed at the musical card that sang "Happy Birthday" to him. He kept looking for something {someone?} behind the card.

He opened some presents himself. Of course, he had plenty of help when he needed it ...

After the party, we went to the Murray State football game ...

... where eating Dots {"gummies," according to Ben} is serious business.

Of course there are more pictures. And because we're spreading out the celebrating, I'm sure you'll hear more about my boy turning 2.

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