Friday, July 8, 2011

No fear

Saying he let me let go probably isn't fair. He's never been shy about wanting to be able to go. On his own. But in the pool, Ben had been conflicted with wanting to go and not knowing how to go. He figured it out last week. My 19-month-old son has no fear.

Part of our Fourth of July celebration was spent poolside with family. And Ben was ready to show off his independence. While feeling impressed with his fearless attitude, I also reminisced about the day Cate let me let go. {She was almost 26 months.} It was more of a process for my first-born daughter who conquers her fears over time.

Ben just dives in.


Thankfully, he's blessed with plenty of hands ready to catch him.

It's worth noting the Puddle Jumper has become the ideal life jacket for him. Much better than the pink one that made him cry. And, most importantly, it keeps my fast-moving boy's head above the water.

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1 comment:

  1. So, does that puddle jumper keep him pretty well balanced? We tried floaties and also one of those swim suits with floats, but it doesn't fit. Adam is just nuts in the water and I'd like him to be able to use something that he can move independently, but he can't be trusted.