Wednesday, March 23, 2011

happiest on the move

We took our first family bike ride of the season last night. Ben got to move from the baby seat on the back of my bike to the trailer with Cate. And, really, it wasn't as bad as they make it look! Ben wanted his helmet off, but he got over it once we started moving.

For all 16 months of his little life, he's been happiest on the move ... in the baby swing, in the stroller, in the carseat in the car, on his knees, in a park swing and now on his feet. He likes to move.

And then there's Cate. She just wasn't interested in looking at the camera. But, of course, she wanted to talk about it. "Can I see the picture? Did you get a good one?"

"Um, not right now. And, no, I really didn't get any good ones."

Cate continued with the conversation: "Why not?"

"Well, Ben is screaming and you didn't want to look this way. How about we go on our bike ride now?"

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