Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'I love my dad.'

As part of Donuts with Dad at Cate's preschool last week, she and Greg traced each other's hands and then made a picture when hers glued on top of his. The project also included quotes from each of the 3-year-old kids about their dates.

Above is Cate's response to why she loves her dad.

It also should be noted hers was one of the longest responses. Yes, she's her mother's daughter. We're wordy girls. A few times, although not all that often, Greg has gone back to work after he puts Cate to bed. That has prompted the question, "Daddy, are you going to sleep here?" more nights than he actually goes back into work. Apparently that was on her mind when discussing why she loves her dad.

Personally, I love that her dad always comes home too.

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