Friday, March 25, 2011

'The Greatest Show on Earth'

My mother-in-law [more affectionately known as Gran-Gran] and I took the kids to the circus on Wednesday afternoon. I wasn't sure how Ben would do, especially after I heard the show was a little more than two hours. But he was mesmerized most of the time, enjoyed his first taste of cotton candy and was in awe of the elephants.

Really, we all were amazed by the elephants. They were so big. But so graceful and peaceful looking. The three elephants were definitely the stars of the show.

The same can not be said for the lions, who seemed mad they were expected to perform. They did, but they seemed to be grumbling in their own lion way. And, speaking of cats, there were cats. Like domesticated house cats. You know, like the poodles and other dogs, the cats did tricks, like jumped over things, crawled under the same things, walked on a rod, and jumped from a high tower. Seriously. I decided being that cat trainer must be the worst job in the circus.

Or twirling in the air by your air may be.

Yep. Really. These girls twirled in the air with a hook in their air.

A circus wouldn't be a circus without cotton candy. Ben liked it, although he didn't love how his fingers was sticky, which, really, surprised me because the boy doesn't shy away from making a mess.

He even shared with Gran-Gran ...

And the cotton candy came with a festive hat ...

Thankfully, Cate chose the light-up tiara as her souvenir. I say thankfully because it cost $12, and not $30 like the stuffed elephant or $20 like the light-up wand.

Yes, the circus was worth grinning about.

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