Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letting go ...

We let the butterflies go.

Cate will tell you they went to make friends with other butterflies, although she was hesitant at first. While telling her and listening to her 4-year-old mind process the decision to let them fly out of the butterfly house that had been sitting on our kitchen counter, I was reminded that becoming a new creation and then embracing the freedom that comes with growing wings is a realistic life cycle.

Watching these caterpillars become butterflies in 16 days {well, two of the five didn't emerge from their cocoons until two days later} was amazing to watch. And, of the five, only one didn't do exactly has the instructions said; she was born with a broken wing.

"Bye, butterflies!"

If you're interested in the specifics, Greg ordered the kit online, and then we started the process when the caterpillars came in the mail on June 27. The caterpillars spun themselves into their cocoons and we moved them to the butterfly house on July 6. Three butterflies emerged on July 13 and the two others followed on July 15. We let them go July 17.

And we're going to do it all over sometime.

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  1. We are doing this RIGHT now! I'm a little confused on how to get my chrysalis's, chrysali, chrysalee LOL from the jar to the butterfly tent deal... suggestions. My directions said something about attaching the cardboard circle from the lid (no such thing in our jar)... and even if I DID have it in there how would I attached it?? HELP, they are still caterpillars right now, but soon, very soon I will have a problem :)