Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transforming, by grace

If you've been in my house once, you probably know I have a thing for butterflies.

Sure, they're pretty. And colorful. And make nice home decor.

But they remind me that we weren't made to stay the same. In all our imperfections, God wants us to draw near to him and let him make us new. Yes, there was a specific time I decided to live like this for the first time. But there have been thousands of times since I've had to let go of my pride and perfection and give the reins back to the Creator. But, thankfully, his grace is there to cover me. Time and time again.

Within the chrysalis, caterpillars are transformed into butterflies. They literally grow wings. They no longer look they did when they began.

Greg ordered for Cate a butterfly kit. Of course, we had to pay $5 more and send away for the caterpillars before we could really get started. But now we're started. And we're waiting on the caterpillars to eat all their supposed to eat so they can weave themselves into a chrysalis.

Cate's watching. And waiting. And soon she'll get to witness the transformation. In the caterpillars and, by the grace of God, in her momma.

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