Saturday, July 23, 2011

At the farm

I like going to the farm to pick up our CSA basket for more than just the delicious vegetables and fruits we get to bring home. It's entertainment for my kids, who live in the middle of our small town and aren't likely to get a pet any time soon.

Yes, my girl was milking a cow while wearing a skirt and sparkly flip flops. Meanwhile, Ben liked the open field to roam ...

That pig acted like he was guarding the pond, but the pig's stare didn't bother my boy, who is all boy. I'm pretty sure he had visions of swimming with the pig in the pond. No worries. I wasn't going to let that happen.

At first, Ben didn't want to stop wandering long enough to check out the chicken ...

But then he changed his mind and joined the rest of the kids. And the chicken.

Thanks, Hillyard Field Organics, for the entertainment. And, of course, the squash, tomatoes, onions, blackberries, okra, potatoes and peppers are delicious too.

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