Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Capturing us

Ben and his friend Davey sat down briefly while we were waiting for Fourth of July Parade to start. Then when I proposed a family picture, Cate volunteered to take one of Greg and I with the boys.

It turned out cute, even if it's not quite a family photo. We're happy to have Davey {and his parents and new baby brother!} in our lives, thus our pictures!

After spending the Saturday of the holiday weekend in Murray for the parade and swimming with the larger Taylor clan, we headed out to Kentucky Lake on Monday. Yes, the Fourth of July Parade was held on July 2. The rain came with us to the lake and, thankfully, passed. We eventually made it out on the water for a pontoon boat ride and jet skiing.

Again, Cate volunteered to take our picture. I like that she likes to capture the moments. Clearly Ben was more interested in whatever he was noticing out in the water.

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1 comment:

  1. You look so great! And I love Cate's smile in the picture with Peggy.